Fusion Scientific
Specimen Containers

• Certified sterility
• Specimen containers available labelled and unlabelled
• Graduated containers facilitate accurate sampling
• Variety of container volumes available

25ml, 30ml, 60ml , 90ml Specimen Containers and 20ml, 60ml Stool Containers
Cat.No. Description Pack Qty. Case of
C25 25ml Labelled Culture Container-White Cap with stick (Sterile) 25 650
C30A 30ml unlabelled Culture Container (Sterile) 50 400
C30B 30ml labelled Culture Container (Sterile) 50 400
C60 60ml labelled Culture Container (Sterile) - 500
C60A 60ml labelled Safety Sample Cup (Sterile) - 500
C90 90ml Graduated labelled Culture Container (Sterile) - 100
SC20 20ml Labelled Stool Container-Black Cap with stick (Sterile) 100 1000
SC60 60ml Labelled Stool Container-Red Cap with stick (Sterile) - 500